Communication Coaching

Break through the 'noise' and have the impact you desire

We can work on internal and external barriers! Building self-awareness and knowledge about human nature will help with all of the following (and more):

  • Presentation
  • Conversation
  • Leadership 
Nikki Williams People Experience Manager - Lush

I saw my confidence improve

Working with Trisha has helped me to improve my approach to communication, given me real clarity and in the time I worked with her I saw my confidence improve. A lady I would happily work with again and recommend.

What noise?

Between a message being sent and received there is a lot of 'noise' inside your head, their head and in the 'environment'. 

I am passionate about helping individuals, teams and companies get fully equipped to break through that noise. 

  • Self-doubt to confidence
  • Confused goals to clarity
  • Verbal and non-verbal barrier-forming habits sorted
  • Assumptions, bias and cultural differences recognised

1:2:1 coaching
Director's Chair Coaching ®
Bournemouth, agreed venue or Skype 

My background as an actor, speaker and business owner has led me to design an approach to coaching that I know works!

Look forward to working with you​​​​

My clients report benefits they never expected!


You helped me hone the message

Jacqueline Goddard , Founder - Atticus Arts

I found the 2 hour session with you motivational, inspirational and informative. You helped me hone the message I was trying to convey about my business and put it across confidently on video.


Trisha coaches you how to present as YOU, not some hero you might want to imitate.

Jo O'Connell , Director JellyRock PR

Trisha is exceptional in delving into your inner critic and helping you acknowledge and silence it. She coaches you how to present as YOU, not some hero you might want to imitate. I went into the workshop thinking I had to impersonate successful speakers and came out with a wealth of presentation ideas and a natural style unique to me!


I’ve made a start of banishing irrational fears.

Stephen Sellers , Owner - Grant Sellers Chartered Accountants

Video presentation is an essential skill in today’s business world and doing it well is important.
I came away understanding that the structuring of content, believing in less is more, and effective, authentic delivery all matter in equal proportions. I found this invaluable. I’ve made a start of banishing irrational fears.


Much better at talking about my business

Joe Cole , Owner All Build Developments

I have always found it difficult talking about my business and myself. Trisha has helped to come up with new and exciting ways to describe what I am all about. Communication is key to any business, so if you are serious about succeeding you should really give some sessions with Trisha serious thought.


Trisha takes you to a place where you shine .

Sarah Hamilton-Gill , HR Consultant

With an upcoming presentation in London I was keen to try out some new ways of engaging the audience . Trisha worked with me on concept, content , design , dress rehearsal and ongoing coaching . The end result was an audience of inspired people who thanked me for the presentation. The process was at times challenging , stepping outside the box and trusting someone with a really important job . You may be wondering whether you really need a coach , after all you’ve been doing it for years ! Well yes you do . Refresh your approach , challenge yourself and trust Trisha - she will take you to a place where you shine .

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