Let's get you unsquashed!

Uncontrived impact - no more contorting!

1:1 communication, confidence and idea coaching for small business owners

You want to get those DMs emails and bookings of virtual cuppas - and you want to achieve this by being you. That's how it's going to work.

That's how you're going to enjoy what you put out there:- your talks, your videos, your posts... and that's how people are going to remember you. 

You want to find you and get comfortable with being you - and then deliver your 'you-thing' in ways that resonate. You want to find your stories, the links and the connections. 

If you feel you've got to know me a little bit and want to chat about this further, book that 30-minute virtual cuppa.  

trisha lewis

Join these unsquashed business owners!

Regina Byrne

I wanted to be more visible and to use video and she supported me to do that. I resisted and she named it and helped change it. 

Regina Byrne

Business Coach

Anna Bravington Trisha Lewis Coaching

When stuck in my career, Trisha worked through why I was doing certain things... we worked on how to overcome barriers -and I started my business! 

Anna Bravington

Founder - Those That Dare

Nicola Richardson

An hour with Trisha and I finally feel like I have a clear view of where I want to be and what's clouding the view. Without you realising, she gets you to open up in a kind way that gets results.

Nicola Richardson

Business coach

Dr Lise Lewis

I appreciated how you came on my journey with me. I think a sign of effective coaching is that things change. I like the way you encourage risk taking to achieve outcomes – you move on.

Dr Lise Lewis

Coach and Author

Or do you need to rehearse for something specific? 

I offer the life changing (no exageration) opportunity to rehearse your upcoming interview.

From a short talk at a networking event to a TED talk - from content to delivery ready.

How to be you on video - how to keep the content short and coherent without being dull - where to start?

And then there's the book - a unique unsquasher resource!

The Mystery of the Squashed Self

Yes - I wrote a book! I can talk you through the experience and brainstorm your ideas if you like!  

Meanwhile - you might find the content useful in life and work.  Keeping you away from the 'shoulds' - and giving you reframes to beat the fears, illusions and baggage - or FIBs as I call them - that hold you back.

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