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trisha lewis

A client's response

Kevin Sheldrake

Owner - The Boardroom Advisory

Trisha’s Director’s Chair programme is amazing!

Trisha has an instinct for getting to the core of the issues very quickly, and building up the techniques and skills and self-understanding you need to become a confident, natural communicator. Highly recommended!

Your coaching options
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1 x hour setting the scene session - with action plan

1. Establish  your communication 'blocks'

2. Clarify your 'why'

3. Your 30 day comms plan

2 x hour intensive. Prepare for presentation/networking 

1. Audience perspective

2. Content clarity and impact

3. Delivery - Voice and Body language

4. Video and feedback - the before and after

Director's Chair Coaching - notes

5 step coaching journey. 

CHAIR (n: the person in charge)

C: Consider. What's the issue, symptoms, effects. Your 'why'

H: Halt. Spot/sort default habits, assumptions and messaging

A: Allow. Explore new ideas/tactics. Being open to change

I: Inspect. What worked? What is the clearer message? 

R: Roll out: 30 day comms plan.

Detailed 'forensic' feedback throughout - along with relevant worksheets and resources.

Session 5 includes shooting an 'after' video (to compare to the 'before' video taken at session 1)

People who have worked with me say...


It’s not everyday you meet someone like Trisha, but when you do, you’ll wish you met her much sooner! 

I’ve only known Trisha for a couple of months, but since day one, I’ve been impressed at how gifted a communicator she is. Trisha has the ability to effortlessly capture and keep the attention of an individual, a table or a whole room. When it came to addressing my own presentation skills, for me it was a no-brainer to seek coaching from her.

Trisha peels back the layers to delve in and help you get perspective and discover more about who you are; both personally and professionally. She does so in a fun and engaging way - all the time guiding you towards becoming a more natural and confident communicator. I really appreciated reading through the ‘Directors Notes’ that followed the session. They demonstrated Trisha’s remarkable ability as a listener while also delivering some invaluable insights and advice.

I can wholeheartedly say it is my pleasure to recommend Trisha, and I look forward to working with her again soon.

Aaron Gibson

Founder Arkhiteks


Trisha is a magnificent character, with whom I have developed a great bond and relationship over the 8 month's have worked with and known her.
I enlisted her to help coach an employee who was struggling to communicate effectively across multiple channels. Despite them having had a senior authority career for over 30 years,they struggled with sounding confident, using the right language, and at the nub of it all - actually progressing business for us and our clients. 

I knew there was an expert communicator who could sort this out - if anyone could. So I called upon Trisha and her effortless, easy-going and efficient manner of working meant we got up to speed and on with the job in hand within days. Her correspondence for her "Director's Programme"was eminently professional and the outcome exactly as desired. I now see her as a partner for the business going forward and have no qualms in recommending her!!!

Trisha has had an epic effect on my business. A diamond.

Emma Friendship-Kiburn

MD Emm-Power Ltd