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Communication skills coaching

to increase confidence,

connection, clarity

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Why invest in a communication skills coach?

Communication skills coaching is the best gift you can give yourself and your business.

What do you think of when you hear the words 'communication skills'?

When I gained my degree in communication - people would say 'oh great - so you know how to talk to people now then?'

Ha Ha.

My degree including modules ranging from conflict management, psychology of communication, cultural communication, creative writing, journalism.... and my dissertation was on 'apology'!

Not showing off - just demonstrating how communication is a big subject!

Now consider how working with a coach on communication skills benefit your work life - whether as an employee or a business owner.  You need to communicate to connect - and where there are barriers - that connection is endangered.

What creates a communication barrier?

External barriers to effective communication

  • Cold or 'weak' Non-verbal language 
  • Lack of clarity
  • Mismatched energy
  • Lack of openness or authenticity

Internal barriers to effective communication

  • 'Comparisonitis'
  • Over-thinking / inner critic
  • Overwhelm and muddle
  • 'Squashed Self'

There is a lot of 'noise' between a message forming in your head, leaving your mouth and reaching the person/people you are communicating with - and that includes the noise in their head too!

Good news!

Developing your communication skills and increasing your self-awareness will break down barriers and increase genuine connection, engagement, impact and influence.


Feeling more aligned and less 'squashed' will increase your motivation and enjoyment in your work.

Explore options

From a 'Clarity 90' session to the full programme - or preparation rehearsals. For employees and business owners who want to develop 'Assertive Rapport' skills dismantle internal and external communication barriers.

Workshops for organisations and companies who want a fresh approach to developing communication and public speaking skills. Looking at 'Assertive Rapport' and engaging communication skills. Leaders, teams and Trainers.

Talking Templates, articles, guides, Events, Podcast. Book recommendations.

This section is under development - and will regularly refresh with new input.

Updates on forthcoming book too! 

If you want an engaging speaker with decades of speaker experience - here I am. If you need a facilitator or panel member - also here! Safe pair of hands - happy audience.  Details on talks here. Happy to discuss your brief.

What Communication does - when it works well

Me enthusing about the Real Impact Programme

Who do I work with?

People in business or employment who want to work on their communication skills because they know that the more they understand how communication works and the more tactics they practice... the more effective their networking, meetings, leadership, talks and presentations, video posts, interviews...

What? No niche?

My niche is simply - people who are curious and prepared to try things out. People who are not looking for colour-coded personality boxes or talk talk talk with a few 'umms'...

Trisha picks up on subtleties that others miss and provides a must-have communications toolkit for anyone who wants to be a highly effective people manager.

Alison Morton - Beyond Retail Ltd

Discover the Make it Real Podcast

Overview Tina Jennings is a 'Change and Culture' specialist - who just

Overview Peter John Cooper is a wisdom-packed creative who will inspire you

Overview Gemma Bowden helps business owners and coaches to birth or run

Overview Read to Rise Coach, Susan Steele will reignite your joy of

Happy clients 

Jo O'Connell

Owner - Jelly Rock PR

Trisha is exceptional in delving into your inner critic and teaching you how to acknowledge and silence it. She then coaches you how to present as YOU, not some hero you might want to imitate.

Emma Wyatt

Owner - Dream Clinic

Trisha creates a safe space to share, and develop the stories that will better your business communications! With my new found confidence I've transitioned from behind the scenes to front of house.

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The book is coming!

Find out more and sign up to be updated on the pre-order launch - with treats!

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