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Personal impact coaching for confidence and success - with the real you front and centre.

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The rewards of working on your personal impact

You might well be lovely - but is that enough in the world of business and leadership? How is your strong/warm balance?

You might be a perfectly happy introvert - but is that going to work when it comes to visibility and getting clients?

You might well be able to present quite well - but surely you want to aim for presenting 'brilliantly'!

A key to increasing your personal impact is feeling good about yourself - feeling that you are BEING yourself. Confidence increases as you become more authentically aligned.

You have increased clarity, you own your voice, you have got public speaking fear under control, you have tactics and you have rehearsed... you feel great!

“First impressions based on the qualities of enthusiasm, passion, and confidence might actually be quite sound—precisely because they’re so hard to fake. When you are not present, people can tell. When you are, people respond.”

― Amy Cuddy, Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges

What I do

I coach and direct and give you action plans

I listen, I nudge, I spot and with step by step insights and actions - you gain clarity, greater confidence and a sense of direction. I give you permission to come out as you. We can rehearse interviews, meetings, networking or presentations. 

Why I do it

Crazy about communication!

I am an actor as well as a professional communicator and coach. I never stop observing the way humans communicate and the impact they have - I read and listen and learn from my clients. I love releasing the real person - away from the comparisons and 'should's.

Who I do it for

Business owners, leaders, authors, speakers... 

I work with individuals and companies - I work with anyone who wants to improve their personal impact - be in possession of the full communication toolkit - grow - succeed in their goals.


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