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Trisha Lewis

Short Story

I'm old and wise and have done a lot of up close and personal communicating work in my life - often in challenging circumstances. I have experience which will be relevant to you. Work with me as your coach or use the resources I share. I am an actor who used to be shy and a coach driven by the knowledge that objectivity, experimenting and self-awareness are key to growth. More here... but now - your story?

You and your business deserve to grow - so you need

  • to be listened to, understood and trusted

  • to harness the fear of public speaking - or become a more engaging presenter?

  • your sales team motivated and confident. 

  •  to be aware of the impact you are having.

Why bother working with a communication coach? Here's some reasons... and here you get to see me moving and hear my voice  - communicating in other words!

Let's have a mini-coaching session - no charge.  Starting with a consultation call we can arrange a 30 minute coaching session using Skype or if we are able to - face-to-face.  

When you invest in Communication coaching that increases your impact and confidence - the ROI is clear. Ask my clients.

Impact Audit 

Sometimes you will drop one of the many balls you are juggling - you are busy.

But if the ball you drop leads to a lost client - not good. Do you even know you have dropped it?  

You could be letting new business slip through your hands all because of an inconsistency in communication that results in trust being broken. 

For instance: A website that is full of broken links or in some way jars with expectations. A networking pitch that lets you down.

Your branding or your personal image being out of line with the message you want to portray...

This Impact Audit is like having a mystery shopper - but better ... you have a written action plan.

Everyone needs the gift of objectivity.

Director's Chair Coaching ®

You are busy - you don't want to spend hours out of the office just 'talking' with a coach.

You need tactics and you need to know you are going to have a tangible result from the coaching.

You want firm but fair honest feedback - no kid gloves.You want to be pushed out of your comfort zone - you know this is how you will grow and develop.

You don't want to be made into a clone - you don't want template coaching. You want to feel real - just the best version of real.

1:1 coaching allows you to relax and open up to exploring communication. Feedback is a gift.

No need to worry about your 'image' - you can shake up your defaults - figure out why you do what you do. 

Good communicators are made.

Got lots of compliments!

My talk went really well today. Got loads of compliments - thank you so much..

Sam Sharma

Director's Chair Programme - Amazing

Trisha has an instinct for getting to the core of the issue very quickly. Highly recommended!

Kevin Sheldrake
Owner - The Boardroom Advisory

Trisha inspired me to get on and do it!

Trisha worked with me to improve my confidence in front of a camera and on video.

Hatty Fawcett
Small Business Owner

I have already been told how much more confident I appear

Trisha - fantastic help with my sales confidence

Astrid Saunders
Company Director

I loved being deconstructed

Every session was inspirational and challenging.

Julian Ahmed
Company Director