I help you develop the communication skills you need to have the impact you want.

The Video: 2 minutes to get to know your coach - engaging audiences of all shapes and sizes!

How does Communication Coaching help?

Communication skills are like any other skills - they need working on. 

But the big deal with communication is that it is about the impact you are having on others - so you need to know what this is, right?

 Coaching offers you a safe space to experiment and get honest feedback on the bits that work and the bits that don't! That mannerism you never knew you had, why your voice does that strange thing sometimes, the barrier you put up without realising it....

With one to one coaching sessions you are yourself - I am honest with you - we work on tactics - you break through the barriers - you go out and apply and feel the positive changes.

You feel good and you discover your influence has increased without you losing the real you!

First step - let's talk about your coaching need.

Second step - we decide on the best coaching plan.
Here are some options:

Working out what impact you are making - and discovering any inconsistencies or barriers to trust requires a forensic of all your communication 'touch-points' - from online presence to networking. (Clients gain so much insight from this session that they often decide to 'go for it' and proceed to the full Director's Chair Coaching® )

You have an important event coming up - you want to make the very most out of this opportunity to connect with potential new clients or people of influence... you want to nail it from the moment you enter that space.  

So how about rehearsing the whole thing with a professional communicator? This is an Intensive session in which you deliver your presentation/pitch/talk to a professional communicator - to ensure you 'nail it'. 

This can also be used to prepare you for networking - to make sure you make networking work for you from the word go.  You will have a very real return on a small investment - a no-brainer!

It takes time to get those insights, work on the tactics, experiment, unblock the mindset barriers... this is what this coaching journey give you.

From figuring out your 'why' to increasing your sense of well-being about the Impact you are having. Confidence and clarity leading to really effective leadership, presentations, networking, interviews and sales. 

Giving talks and presentations is the best marketing tool you have - and it is free!

But they will work against you if you don't spend time getting them right - so make the investment up front - let's work together now.

Then, when you have an opportunity to talk at a networking event, conference, business show - TEDx event....you will be ready to say yes and confident you have way more than a mediocre talk!

Maybe you have a head full of ideas about the topic - but don't know how to start making it into a talk that will have the impact you wish.  You need a presentation coaching partner right now - do not leave it too late!

We work on the whole thing - from concept to dress rehearsal. 

You then have a signature talk to use on multiple occasions - excellent ROI

Talk to me about being confident on film!

You know that doing vlogs or facebook lives - or even just having a video on your homepage - would do wonders for engaging your potential clients - but you are not keen on the idea! There are tactics - and you need to try things out in a safe 'test environment' - this is where I come in!

Let's talk about how this works - 

Some client feedback

Trisha’s Director’s Chair programme is amazing!

Trisha has an instinct for getting to the core of the issue very quickly, and building up the techniques and skills and self-understanding you need to become a confident, natural communicator. Trisha's approach is friendly and immediately puts you at ease, and she’s great fun to work with too. Highly recommended!

Kevin Sheldrake  //  Founder and Owner - The Boardroom Advisory

To address my own presentation skills - It was a no-brainer to seek coaching from Trisha

Trisha peels back the layers to delve in and help you get perspective and discover more about who you are; both personally and professionally. She does so in a fun and engaging way - all the time guiding you towards becoming a more natural and confident communicator. 

Aaron Gibson  //  Managing Director - Arkitek Ltd

Associate Coach GlobusHR Consulting Ltd

Member of the Institute of Directors

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