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43 John Espirian – Interviewing the author of Content DNA

John Espirian Content DNA



What a treat! John is back! (See Episode 3 - How to Brag Nicely on LinkedIn).

With his brilliant book on the brink of launching, we delved into the content of CONTENT DNA as well as his very REAL experience of what it takes to get a book from concept to launch. (UPDATE - Book available!)

We talk about finding and staying true to your 'shape' - so the people you want to engage really get what you are about - and remember you. This is essential listening.

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Fascinating things we talk about

  • The power of being consistent and congruent
  • Finding and BEING your 'shape'
  • The 'Life-Cycle' of a book
  • Tips for self-publishing
  • Your Content Diet
  • Building Blocks of your Business DNA
  • Need for Introspection and trusted friends

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