About Trisha Lewis

What informs
the way I coach

What informs the way I coach? Experience is a big one! Age helps.

Establishing my own businesses

  • Learning from failure and success
  • Communicating value 
  • Relationship dynamics

My studies and personal research

  • BA hons Comm 2005 Bournemouth University
  • Personal research - communication 
  • As a coach I am coached 
  • Attend conferences/workshops - current trends

My work experience

  • 10 years in Advertsing - new business executive
  • Professional actor 
  • After-dinner speaker

My Why

I believe everyone can be an excellent communicator - they just need quality time, objective feedback and tactics - along with a safe supportive space where they can explore and experiment. This is why I am a communication coach.

I am passionate about helping people find the balances required for effective communications:

  • Warm/strong
  • Authentic/adaptable
  • Self-aware/other focused
  • Prepared/spontaneous
My coaching style
  • One-to-one - respecting individuality
  • Forensic - laser beam intuition
  • No superficial 'how to' - emphasis on mindset
  • Fair but firm
  • Use of relevant role play - test scenarios
  • Relaxed - which means my clients relax
  • Thorough feedback (Director's Notes) throughout
  • Resources - relevant worksheets/insight sheets

Let's Talk

Email or Phone with a brief outline of your needs - we can arrange a face to face or Skype consultation to explore. I prepare a brief, clear proposal.

01202 243139 / 07815 933109