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A Beautiful Business Brainstorming hour

Stop the overwhelm and beat the procrastination. Fine- tune your message, discover your story and create a confidence-boosting action plan.   Beat impostor syndrome stuff and big up authentic you! Book your business brainstorming power hour - and move forward!

Get a good dose of objectivity!

Why are you going round in overthinking circles? Are you taking on too much 'expert' advice and ending up with a squashed-self?

You need a good brainstorming power hour!

You need objectivity. Spend an hour with a wise old woman (and professional communicator) - who has walked the walk. 

Yes - transformation can happen in an hour - watch the video.  

How much? Just £85.00 Total. (Includes follow up notes with action plan)

Our brain is a brilliant prediction machine - (check out Lisa Feldman Barrett). This function is useful for survival - but can hold us back with misplaced fear.

In my book 'The Mystery of the Squashed Self' I demonstrate a tool I call the 'Rationality Filter' - here is just one small fear put through the filter. 

We might well do some filter work in our session!

The Mystery of the Squashed Self

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