I'm your communication tester and tweaker

From 2 hours to 2 years - work with me to to become your best communicating self - there are no limits when it comes to getting communication to work well for you.


Wheel me in to get a rigorous content and delivery workout. Don't settle for mediocre.

  • Upcoming presentation
  • important meeting
  • Networking
  • caret-right
    Challenging conversations


Director's Chair Programme - a process - inside and out - become a natural and  influential communicator.

  • Fear of Public Speaking
  • Raising Presentation Skills
  • Increasing confidence
  • caret-right
    Getting your message heard


Monthly fee - ongoing. Sort communication challenges as they arise - attain top level all-round skills.

  • Content and delivery work
  • Re-framing fears
  • role-playing situations
  • caret-right
    Increasing impact

1. ONE OFF - 2 hours bootcamp - £160

Think of it like a rehearsal - we will do a thorough audit of why, what and how of your message - we will try it out and tweak it. You will be confident and clear - and you will make that important meeting or presentation work to achieve the response you desire.

2. PROGRAMME - Director's Chair Programme* £495

(see below) 

3. ON CALL - £90 per month

Up to 2 hours one-to-one coaching Skype calls per month. This can be taken in short bursts or longer sessions - to suit. Think of it like having a personal trainer - you keep working on all the inner and outer confidence, all the subtle but trans-formative communication skills - you just get better and better. When a meeting, team communication, challenging conversation or presentation is on the horizon - we work on it. You are constantly prepared and constantly learning about yourself and others. Free access to resources and the Explory Story Networking event. VIP discounts on workshops.

*The Director's Chair Programme - 4 x 1.45 hour sessions over 4 weeks

How this programme will help

This process - and it is a process - encourages you to unpack your default thinking, your non-verbal habits, your barriers. You unpack, shake up and rehearse - and you discover incredible clarity of purpose, message and identity. You become the owner of a comprehensive set of tactics that transform the influential quality of your conversations, meetings, leadership, networking and presentations.

The core principles that drive the results are:

  • exploring with no assumptions
  • escaping from a 'self-conscious' focus
  • experimenting in safety

What is the process?

1. We talk

2. We choose the focus and arrange the practicalities 

3. Complete 4 sessions 

4. See the benefits - and continue to

5. As a client you get VIP arrangements for further coaching and events

PLUS - you receive Director's Notes throughout - constructive feedback following each session - including relevant action plan and resources.

The 4 sessions represent a 'journey'

  • deconstructing
  • disrupting
  • circle-thin
  • delivering


My office in Bournemouth, mutually convenient half-way meeting room or in-house. Skype sessions can be arranged.