Coaching - trisha lewis


I recommend that we work together over a number of sessions - plenty of time for exploring and experimenting - doing!

Trisha Lewis Communication Coach

'The Director's Chair Programme' is designed as a process - to facilitate a journey.

Alternatively - if you need specific preparation for a presentation or event - you can also book in for a 2 hour intensive 'Rehearsal' session.  Let's discuss what will work best for what you want to achieve.

Director's Chair Programme

  • 4 x 1.45 hour sessions (4-6 weeks)
  • A process - a journey - inside out exploration
  • Highly valuable role-play opportunity
  • Feedback notes and resources


  • 2 hour intensive
  • Prepare for:
    •  a presentation 
    • Networking Event 
    • Interview or meeting 
    • Podcast or Video

Organisations and Companies:

Workshops, team-building and keynotes - discuss your needs and I will respond with a proposal

Why work with a coach?

When you work with a coach you get objectivity and the experience of someone who is outside your immediate circle - you get you 'out of your own head ' and able to think without rules or expectations - in a safe space. It feels good - I know because I have done it.

We will work one to one - quality time.

I had a client recently who said 'I've never been listened to like this before' - it's a rare treat that you often omit when you are busy growing your business or career. 

Doing a thorough audit of how you are communicating (and feeling) is not a luxury - it is vital.

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