Confidence dip be gone.

Impact - hello!

 Let's get started. No more wasted energy, mis-investments and missed impact opportunities.


Stop talking to yourself in circles and spirals


Spot the themes, connections, and sweet spot of impact


Have the space to experiment and make it feel real


Discover and sort your inner squashers! 

Why work with me?

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Imagine working with a coach who combines professional acting and speaker skills, academic underpinning in the psychology of communication and the approach of a detective/director!

Imagine working with a coach with over 6 decades of life lessons - including setting up a business!

Feeling confident!

Nailing a networking introduction piece that feels good and intrigues.

Posting content that is recognisably YOU - feels good and intrigues.

Owning your 'thing' - and knowing your 'tribe'! Feels so right.

When I worked with Janine Coombes

When I worked with Dr Lise Lewis

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