Why create your talk?

Without a signature talk you are missing out on a powerful FREE form of marketing. A talk is more than promotion - it shows the real you and your core message. Get talked about in all the right ways.

Need more reasons? Read on...

What's the big deal about doing talks?

'Oh everyone has to have a Ted talk now do they? Boring! I am writing great content and tell people what I do at networking events - speaking is not my thing really.'

Ring any bells? Check out the reasons why you need to think again. Maybe ask yourself whether it is a defensive attitude even - is there a public speaking fear to be tackled?

Visibility growth

All eyes on you! You don't get that on social media lets' be honest. Plus you get talked about - on social media - photos of you doing your fascinating talk!

Credibility growth

You have a talk that shows off your knowledge in ways that a list of qualifications and awards just doesn't do in such a powerful way. You as thought-leader.

Knowledge growth

As you work on your talk you learn more and as people engage and ask questions you learn more again - it never stops. You learn about your speaking skills too!

Opportunity growth

When you speak you meet new people - you have conversations before and after the talk. You get invitations and incite interest.

Confidence growth

Obvious. Public speaking is like any muscle - the more you do it the more relaxed, present you are.. the more you enjoy it and welcome opportunities to do it!

Network growth

Now you know that person who is hosting an event and heard about you! Now you know that fascinating person in the audience - previously a stranger.

They Say

Sarah Hamilton-Gill

Owner- Globus HR

Trisha took me from concept , content , design , dress rehearsal and ongoing coaching . The end result was an audience of inspired people thanking me for the presentation. 

Jo O'Connell

Owner - Jelly Rock PR

Trisha coaches you how to present as YOU, not some hero you might want to imitate. I came out with a wealth of presentation ideas and a style that was unique just to me.

How can I help?

In a nutshell? With decades of acting and speaking experience I know my stuff! I am your objective eyes and ears. I am ruddy good at releasing your ideas and your value and 'you-ness'. Accountability? Yes - you need that!

Trisha has the ability to effortlessly capture and keep the attention of an individual, a table or a whole room. When it came to addressing my own presentation skills, for me it was a no-brainer to seek coaching from her. Trisha peels back the layers to delve in and help you get perspective and discover more about who you are..

Aaron Gibson - Business owner

The way forward


Brainstorm the concept and work on real-you and engagement factor, themes, structure.


5-hours. Payable over 3 months

Grow your business by talking

When you have YOUR talk - you grow... this is why

This is edited highlights of a webinar I did in 2018 - 'Talk to Grow Your Business'. The insights and tips still apply!

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