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Impostor Syndrome – that irrational but real self-doubt feeling

Video - Impostor Syndrome insight

The video has some thought provoking insights on this strange thing called Impostor Syndrome. Strange as it might sound, most of us have it to a greater or lesser extent! So best to know how it might be effecting you or others. Any mindset barrier will effect your communication - so be aware.

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When clients work with me they get a full overhaul! We always start from the mind and work outwards-

 it all needs to work together. Thoughts, feelings, actions.

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I help people become more effective communicators through the kind of coaching that offers a safe space to explore and rehearse and better understand the impact they have. My blog is full of insights and tactics that will help you break down the barriers that prevent you from being a truly effective communicator. These insights are based on my own experience as well as the issues raised during coaching sessions and workshops.

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