Impostor Syndrome Unmasked

First - watch this video - just over 2 mins of 'what it is and why bother about it!'

It is a feeling - a bit like Alice in Wonderland felt when she went down that rabbit hole - not quite right!

The feeling results in behaviours which result in feelings which result in behaviours - yes - the Impostor Syndrome Cycle. Break it by doing some feelings forensics.

Knowledge leads to self-awareness - the first step in stopping the cycle before it stops you.

Impostor syndrome (original research by Clance & Imes - 1970s - when it was called Impostor phenomenon) is an irrational and pervasive feeling of self-doubt. A sense that you are getting away with it - because really you are a fraud and you will be found out soon!  Putting success down to luck rather than your skills. Comparing yourself to others and having a sense that everyone else has got it together - and they will realise that you haven't.... etc etc.... 

It is a joy sapping feeling and can lead to burn out and missed opportunities - so it needs sorting. First step - awareness.  No - first step - sign up for the weekly newsletter - I take a symptom each week and discuss in a short video - then a quote and a challenge - short and sweet.

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The Newsletter - what to expect

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A sample video - unlocked!

Have this one on me!  Each week there will be an insight unpacked - and a connected challenge for you to try during the following week... you only have access with the password.  But I will give you this one. Sign up and every week you will feel better equipped to get a handle on this pesky Impostor Syndrome! 

This is personal

This is a subject close to my heart - I have the 't-shirt' - but I have washed it out and it is looking much better!

I speak on Impostor Syndrome (and how to beat it) at events - it effects every one of us to a greater or lesser extent.  It is prevalent amongst high achievers by the way!

So please join the conversation - and spread the word.

To know Impostor Syndrome it is to beat Impostor Syndrome

PS: You also get a 10 minute presentation with slides in your welcome email.  'Avoiding Impostor Syndrome'  - an edited version of a talk I gave to students at Bournemouth University in 2018. Your link and password will arrive in your welcome email.

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