Speaker - trisha lewis


I could show you a lot of video footage on here - but I want to keep it uncluttered.  I have been a professional actor and speaker for 20 years!

What matters to you is this:

You will have an engaged an audience

You will have your brief listened to and met

You can throw any topic at me - I am versatile  

You will be dealing with a professional - reliable and able to go with the flow

Trisha Lewis

Give me your brief - I will create the right talk to fit that brief.  Examples of talks currently booked:

Stop Feeling Fake -

covering the topic of authenticity, impostor syndrome, comparison, self-doubt.  

The Unique Power of Storytelling -

what is it that makes people connect to story - why should you use it

The Assumption Trap -

how making judgements about ourselves and others - and the world - can create barriers in communication

How to do a Talk -

Create a talk to create a buzz - from idea to delivery