Resonating, real and ... fun!

Trisha Lewis Speaker
Trisha Lewis Speaker

Stop self-squashing!

You have heard of Impostor Syndrome - but this brand new highly original, humourous and engaging talk explores a fresh perspective on self-doubt. I transport the audience to very familiar situations that involve 'squashing' the real self.  I viscerally take the audience into the feeling of frustration masquerading as anger driven by, what I call, 'conflicted conformity'.

This is not a fluffy motivational talk on 'being authentic'! I don't believe in spouting banal instructions such as 'just be you'. I am forensic! What does it mean to be authentic - is there one real self - how come so called 'authentic' straight talkers can be so 'fake' when you scratch the surface?

The talk will resonate with all humans. The simple insight is a big idea that could save decades of battling with the confusing effects of self-squashing through fear of not fitting in or being over-obsessed with standing out!

My book 'The Mystery of the Squashed Self' will be published spring 2021 - it takes this concept and applies to the world of the small business owner. 

Bespoke? Give me a brief

My background as an actor and speaker - and creative writer/producer - enables me to take a brief and deliver an engaging talk on just about anything to be honest! I can be as entertaining as you like - or profound and cerebral! I can inspire from a big stage or encourage discussion from a small space! I am ridiculously adaptable and you can relax knowing you are booking an experienced professional.