Telling Your Story

You know that storytelling is the latest marketing  'craze' - but why - and how can you make it work for your business?

Take 15 minutes out of your day - cup of coffee or drink of your choice - and get the crucial reasoning behind WHY - and a bit of how too.

Let's find the story of you and your product - and tell it
You need to build relationships with consumers these days more than ever - and i​​​​t is impossible not to create a relationship when you tell a good story.  

This coaching is bespoke to you and your business - quality thinking and creating time.  You walk away after 4 sessions - with a deep understanding of what your stories are, what the consumer's stories are about you and themselves and what the 'world' stories are that are driving purchasing psychology.  More than this - you will have the communication skills to tell those stories.  

We can even produce a short talk to have in your relationship building/awareness raising/marketing tool kit

You will have content and delivery plans that put you ahead of your competition - that get you engaged with - that have new clients excited to be part of your story.

If you want to approach this with others in a day workshop - then there is a great option available - click the button to find out more about the workshop that will enable you to apply a method specifically to you and your business.

Let's start the story by talking - 07815 933109 or email me: