Unsquashed Impact  Programme

What is this?

The difference between being squashed and unsquashed is feeling free to explore, experiment and enjoy. Trying to have real impact when you are squashed is like trying to captivate your audience from your back stage dressing room!

If you are a small business owner you want to be visible, credible and memorable. You want the right kind of clients. You would also like to enjoy what you do. You have a something of value to offer - but you can't quite put your finger on what it is and how you communicate it to the outside world.

What if you want to write a book, give a talk, build relationships on LinkedIn - be a podcast guest or even start your own podcast - but hold back because you have too many ideas - and keep getting swayed by what others are doing or saying it the 'secret to success'. 

You might be feeling frustrated by the circular conversations you have with yourself when you go to bed and wake up. Your confidence, enthusiasm and clarity are - squashed! 

Emma Whyatt Dream Clinic

Emma Wyatt

Trisha creates a safe space to share, and develop the stories that better your business communications! With my new found confidence I transitioned from behind the scenes to front of house.

Elizabeth McPherson

Elizabeth McPherson

I had built up a fear of doing videos (goodness only knows why) but I had. So having her support me and guide me towards a clearer message have been invaluable. 

How does it work?

Step 1: Book a virtual cuppa

This coaching is bespoke - it starts with you. You want to know more before starting this journey and I want to know more about you and your coaching goals. No salesy pressure from me and the call itself is a free mini-brainstorm.

Proposal and Admin

Based on our chat I will send a (one page) coaching proposal.  If you are happy to start the journey - I will send a short and sweet agreement to sign and set up a recurring invoice (unless you take the pay in full option).  We then get the first date in the diary - and Zoom link set up.

The Process

1-hour sessions on Zoom.  6-hours to be completed in 3 months (flexible). If you are working on a Keynote/Ted talk - there is an option of 2 extra sessions for full rehearsal including with an online audience!  Recording and notes with homework and action steps after each session. Email/messaging communication available throughout.  Your own 'Google Folder' for resources/notes/recordings etc.

Ready to have more impact and be more 'you' - on and off-line?

Online Content Impact

  • Your personal 'thing'
  • Using your story
  • Connections

Networking impact

  • Strong/warm balance
  • Your 'intro'
  • Owning your voice

Speaker Impact

  • Your signature talk
  • Making contacts
  • Your individual style

Real client stories

The coaching journey is fun, deep and not just talk!


Brainstorming and brain sorting! We call out the FIBs that hold you back - Fears, illusions and baggage.


Explore the words you use and how you use them. Find themes, connections - story. 


Technique and trying out. Roleplay and rehearse. Spot your habits - release authentic confidence.

If you choose to pay in full prior to Session 1

£ 950.00*

Instalment option to spread the cost.

£ 280 x 4 (total £1,120)*

Your investment*

You will be surprised at the cost of this coaching. My business is based on helping small business owners - one person businesses - in the evolving phase.  My choice is to keep my coaching as accessible as possible. I would rather you came back for more once you have experienced the rewards.

* This special pricing is for unfunded start-ups, solo entrepreneurs or one person small businesses in the first 5 years of growing the business.