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Time to unsquash!

Find you |Be you |Let them see you

The everyday signs of being 'squashed'

Quick self-check list!

  • 'Comparisonitis' running rampant.
  • Being 'too nice'!
  • Struggling to say 'no'.
  • Churning out 'bland' content.
  • Sucked in by the 'shoulds'.
  • Feeling 'irrationally angry' at 'stuff'.
  • Reverting to comfort zone - reluctantly

In your squashed state you are like the bubbling gas under the magma crust of a volcano. Nobody will be harmed if you break through the crust consciously, enthusiastically and joyfully. Exploding with frustration however - not good! Staying beneath the surface or erupting through misplaced anger are NOT you being you.

So how do you unsquash?

I could just be cheeky and say - work with me as your coach. I could also just suggest a good starting point.

I am going to do both! 

It is not easy to unsquash without the encouragement of a safe supportive space with a good listener! So - yes - working with a coach is highly recommended. That is not a sales ploy - that is just speaking from experience.

But here is a good starting point -

get out of your head!

Out of your head as in - objectively observing your recurrent 'barrier' thoughts and feelings and putting all your evidence out on the forensics table!

Now -

  • apply curiosity and a rationality filter!
  • brainstorm the 'stuff' that makes you buzz and feel purposeful and aligned.
  • start thinking about the worst that could happen if you allowed more of this stuff happen - and you were more 'real you'.
  • work on owning this statement: 'Being myself won't limit me.'

An unexpected sign that you are squashing yourself

Watch this IsolaTED talk - and be surprised!

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