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Doing the forensics on small business owner confidence dips and visibility issues. What is the impact of your self-squashing and how do you release the confident, aligned real you that attracts clients and quality connections? From mindset to deliver and everything in between.

Find you, be you and let them see you.

My mission is to share my experience and skills gained over 60 plus years - to give you some routes that cut through the briars and brambles of things like impostor syndrome, perfectionism, comparisonitis, people-pleasing and fear! As a small business owner - just me - I get the specific challenges of things like selling yourself without being salesy - or honing your message to make it clear but not boring! But my previous experience as an actor, speaker and story facilitator.... taught me a lot about things like instant rapport, authenticity and engaging an audience.  

If you like the sound of this - then you will like my book too. Have a look at The Mystery of the Squashed Self - and solve the mystery!

Enjoy the blog - and email me if there are specific topics you would like me to cover in the future - that fit in this particular bucket.

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Highly intuitive coach and natural communicator. Pulling on background as a professional actor, speaker and facilitator - plus the academic underpinning in all things communication. My mission is to show every individual wanting to succeed in business - employed or self-employed - that they can do this as themselves - they can have impact without selling their soul - from a conversation to a presentation.

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