The Self-Sabotage Sort out WORKSHOP

Who would you arrange this for?

Small business owners

When YOU ARE your business - juggling and evolving - the self-sabotage blocks are many!

I have walked the walk!

Freelancers in the arts

I am an actor as well as business owner - I have inside knowledge of the inner squashers specific to 'artistes'

Women in leader roles

Research shows the more women progress, the more noise the squashers make inside those busy heads!


This workshop takes a forensic look at the 'stuff' that causes frustration, overwhelm and lack of motivation - all barriers to your business or personal growth. We call out the FIBs that hold you back - Fears, Illusions and Baggage!  We delve into the symptoms, drivers and 'sorters' of 'comparisonitis' and people pleasing. 

Self-awareness is key!

Spotting the symptoms and realising you are not alone - crucial first step to sorting.

Knowledge enlightens!

Understanding why - and that you are human - gets you out of your head and into sorting mode.

Action changes habits!

Finally - what can you actually do? Small step actions and habit changers - essential for onward journey.

We look at:

  • Comparisonitis - remembering who we are!
  • People pleasing - boundaries and saying no nicely!
  • Emotions and the Rationality Filter!

How would it work?


Flexible. From 2-hours to a full day - depending on your brief. Plenty of interaction, breakout rooms and Q&A - and breaks!


Currently - Zoom (happy to do Teams). In the future - I hope to be doing in person - your location.


This is quoted after we talk and I understand your brief. I have special rates for 'nonprofit organisations.

Let's have a chat about who you want to benefit from this and the practicalities. I will then prepare a proposal and quote. 

By phone: (+44) 07815 933109

By email:

Those who have attended say...

... it was really super. You have such an engaging teaching style, and the loveliest energy.

(and many more personal stories of lightbulb moments!)

Those who have booked me say...

Marie Smith Aspiring Women

I trust and admire Trisha's knowledgeable and friendly style of communication, be it in a one to one or large group setting. She has the enviable ability to hold attention – never knowing what brilliance is coming next. Consequently I had no hesitation in asking Trisha to facilitate sessions for the two Aspiring Women Groups that I co-lead in London and Dorset. I value Trisha’s creativity, boundless energy and enthusiasm and her willingness to share what she knows in innovative and fun ways.

Marie Smith ‧ Founder Aspiring Women Dorset & London

What an amazing turnout for 'Ask the Expert' this morning! Such an inspirational event to kick start our confidence for 2021 - thank you so much Trisha.

Your understanding of the personal barriers we create for ourselves is invaluable to other business owners. Your solutions are inspirational.

Sarah Veakins ‧ CEO Get Set for Growth - Dorset


You want meetings or events to fully engage the attendees and participants - or else they are a waste of precious time! Sometimes you need an outsider to provide energy, structure and even entertainment! I am rather good at all of these 🙂

Mark Masters ‧ You are the Media

Discuss your brief.